Secmation Featured in GrepBeat Article

Secmation was recently featured in a GrepBeat article by Laura Brummett titled Robotics And Cybersecurity Meet Their Match With Raleigh-Based Secmation

In the article, Secmation’s Founder/CEO Dr. Hal Aldridge discusses the need for a company like Secmation, saying:

“Traditional cybersecurity protects everyday computers where, when you push a button, you can change, say, a character on a screen. Secmation’s work protects the kind of system that when you push a button a valve opens and a motor turns—or a rocket launches.”

Using multiple successful Government funded Small Business Innovation Research grants as a launch point, Secmation is now seeking to bring secure offerings to the commercial sector with plans to pitch for venture capital in the near future.

With the need to secure Industrial Control Systems for the Department of Defense and other governmental entities, Secmation has now turned it’s sights towards the commercial market.  As industrial control systems play a growing role in our every day lives, Secmation has brought to light the need to secure these systems at the most fundamental level.

“I’m trying to grow a high-tech startup that happens to have a government customer,” he said. “We’ll probably always do some government work because we know how to do it, but we want to broaden that up and do more commercial product-based offerings.”

The technology being developed at Secmation addresses both the governmental and commercial need for enhanced security on industrial control systems. Whether it’s the water filtration system, smart lights, or the smart thermostat controlling the temperature in your home, Secmation secures it.

Industrial Control Systems cybersecurity is one component of Secmation’s strategy to secure automated systems.  Secmation’s technologies also address emerging applications in robotics and unmanned systems.  As automated systems become more widely deployed, the need for cybersecurity to meet operational and regulatory requirements will rapidly evolve.  Secmation is positioned to provide innovative solutions to address these security needs.

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