Secmation Designs, Develops, and Deploys Security Capabilities to Increase Resiliency and Secure System Integrations Minimal Overhead and Reduced Costs

Secmation’s capabilities in advanced cybersecurity and digital engineering technologies enable automated systems to meet modern and evolving security challenges and threats. Built for defense applications or industrial control systems like SCADA, Secmation’s security first mindset allows engineers, developers, and practitioners of our technologies to integrate and run their systems more securely without sacrificing efficiencies or capabilities.


Rapid Secure Prototyping

Secmation has developed technologies and tools to secure unmanned systems. These technologies enable secure rapid prototyping of systems while ensuring they meet evolving cybersecurity certification requirements. We can provide an automated DevSecOps tool which incorporates the software and hardware capabilities to accelerate the development and fielding of next generation systems in all unmanned domains from undersea to space.


Digital Engineering

Small, intelligent, and connected systems are a rapidly growing element of the modern life. To keep up with demand, these systems must be expeditiously designed, developed, and tested in real environments to support their evolution. Leveraging Digital Engineering, Secmation’s “Last Mile” solution allows for rapid development of Artificial Intelligence-based technologies and quickly transitions them directly to secure hardware.


Advanced Encryption

Storage and transmission of classified information and data in highly constrained Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SwaP-C) applications is challenging. In many cases, NSA certified cryptographic solutions required to support classified operations exceed the SwaP-C budgets increasing concerns as computing devices with sensitive data and communications before more distributed on current and future battlefields. Secmation has developed an innovative solution to protect Secret and Below data on low SwaP-C commercial off the shelf (COTS) devices. Initially targeting small satellite applications, this technology can be an enabling capability for sensors and unmanned systems in multiple defense and national security applications.



Secmation has developed a technology to “bridge the gap” between software security and hardware anti-tamper systems. Our secure hypervisor is tightly coupled with proven hardware/firmware anti-tamper systems to provide an integrated security solution through the software stack. This technology enables secure execution of software from multiple vendors providing a future-proof solution. When integrated, our technology provides next-level protections for defense and national security Critical Program Information from peer-level threats in applications from sensors to weapon systems in all domains of the battle space.


Vehicle Cybersecurity

With the amount of technology is new vehicles like collision avoidance, lane monitoring, and self-driving, cybersecurity of vehicle systems is a growing concern. As vehicles become more complex and automated, a cyber-attack can disable entire vehicle fleets and lead to both economic and safety concerns. Secmation has developed security technologies for next generation, on-vehicle networks to secure them against emerging threats. Our technology has applications for protecting the next generation of Engine Control Units in medium and heavy military vehicles enabling them to operate on future battlefields where cyber weapons are deployed.


Software Defined Communications

Software defined radios (SDRs) are rapidly evolving as the preferred solution for military applications. Their adaptability provides unique capabilities to operate in contested environments. This capability can also present opportunities for new attack vectors. Secmation has patented technology that can automatically generate offensive attack and disruption capabilities towards adversary SDR communications. Our unique approach to the development of this technology also provides defensive applications for practitioners as well.


Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in critical infrastructure is an emerging cyber attack target as seen in recent instances on energy pipelines and wastewater treatment plants, both here in the United States and internationally. These systems rely on legacy components with typically little or no cybersecurity protections. Systems that do claim cybersecurity protections are difficult to verify and add risk to practitioners and customers. Secmation has developed a technology that enables modern zero-trust security principles to be deployed in new/existing ICS applications providing the needed security against modern threats to readiness and operational capability.

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