Secmation Partners with NCSU on Cybersecurity Initiative

Raleigh, North Carolina, 4/13/2021 –Secmation has announced their support of the North Carolina State University Department of Computer Science (CSC) and Secure Computing Institute, as one of the original ePartner sponsors of their Cybersecurity Initiative.

As one of the fastest growing cybersecurity R&D companies in the Research Triangle Park area, Secmation depends on increasing information security education opportunities to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity minded professionals. By partnering with NCSU on this initiative, Secmation is able to develop leading edge solutions along side some of the brightest minds entering the industry while actively giving back to the NC cyber community.

The CSC Cybersecurity Initiative is a comprehensive strategy designed to meet the growing need for cybersecurity professionals across industry and government. Secmation’s support of this initiative will provide unrestricted support to Dr. Thierry Wandji Ketchiozo’s, CSC Director of Cybersecurity Education, efforts to create and launch related outreach, industry engagement, seminars, workshops, and other developmental programs for students in this space.

“As a company that has been selected to provide advanced security solutions for military industrial control systems, satellite systems, and autonomous vehicles, support for cybersecurity education and R&D is a key element of our long term strategy to support national security.” said Dr. Hal Aldridge, CEO of Secmation. “Our support for NC State is an important part of Secmation’s business strategy. Fostering growth of University cybersecurity talent will enable our long term success.”

The Secure Computing Institute (SCI) at NC State University is a focal point for cybersecurity research and education at the university and the broader Research Triangle Park (RTP) area. Founded in in 2019 and co-led by Drs. Laurie Williams and Will Enck, SCI is a key component of the department’s overall cybersecurity strategy enhancing the security and privacy of computing systems through basic and applied research and advancing and delivering cybersecurity education.

“We created SCI in order to execute a vision for cybersecurity research and education that builds on and directs our existing strengths,” says Dr. Will Enck. “Partnerships with companies like Secmation are critical in making this vision a success.”

Secmation joins other cybersecurity industry leaders such as Cisco, Bank of America, NetApp, PRA Health Sciences, and Truist in efforts to expand cybersecurity education at NC State.

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