Growth in Navy Unmanned Systems supports need for Cybersecurity

The evolution of unmanned systems in the Navy and Department of Defense continues to move at a rapid pace.

From April 19-26, The Navy held a joint exercise to demonstrate how manned and unmanned elements could act as a team to provide enhanced capabilities to the fleet.  The exercise serves to demonstrate the Navy’s continued and increasing interest in integrating unmanned capabilities into the fleet. The fleet exercise, as discussed by USNI is the first to be focused on the role of unmanned systems in the Navy.

In the USNI Article written by Megan Eckstein, Director of maritime headquarters at U.S. Pacific Fleet Robert Gaucher states

“Building off advances achieved over the past decade in unmanned aviation, Pacific Fleet is answering the Chief of Naval Operations’ drive to put the Navy’s Unmanned Campaign Plan into action.”

The “hybrid fleet” of both manned and unmanned resources is a core element of the Navy’s future plans. The manned-unmanned combination enables the strengths of both elements to be used to their best effect.  The Navy has plans to make significant investments in unmanned systems as part their recently announced Unmanned Campaign framework.

In partnership with the Office of Naval Research, Secmation is developing technologies to enhance the cybersecurity of unmanned systems.  SecMUAS provides an innovative rapid development environment for unmanned systems that “bakes in” security as part of the design process.  SecMUAS and other Secmation cybersecurity capabilities are designed to provide Modern Security for aerial, underwater, surface, ground, and space Unmanned Systems to both Defense and Industrial customers.

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