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Advanced Cryptography

Secmation develops advanced cybersecure techniques to help you implement high assurance cryptography in low or limited budgets for Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWAP-C) applications. Our defense services seamlessly provide the capability to integrate hardware- and software-based cryptographic systems into high security, embedded defense applications.

We provide an integrated suite of advanced cybersecurity technologies, development tools, and middleware all designed and securely integrated to rapidly deployable secure open architecture based embedded systems. Secmation’s tools tightly couple anti-tamper and cybersecurity capabilities to provide integrated protection and monitoring of the software stack while maximizing the available hardware protections in other commercial processors to provide high-assurance security in embedded solutions.

Secmation provides design services for FIPS 140-2/FIPS 140-3 certified cryptographic modules. Our development teams and partners provide Advanced Encryption services to include FIPS requirements analysis, certification documentation, and testing services. Secmation’s cleared staff has experience in product development of FIPS 140-2, FIPS 140-3, Secret and Below (SAB), and Top Secret and Below (TSAB) COMSEC systems including NSA policy, Information Assurance (IA) requirements, cryptography, key management, secure product development, certification documentation, and formal testing.


Secure Product Engineering

Secmation's defense services provide engineering for cybersecure embedded product design.  We can take a concept or details requirements through an end-to-end design process resulting in working prototypes with design packages ready for production.  Our core competencies in cybersecurity helps ensure cyber-resilience is properly addressed and maintained throughout the design and development process. 

Secmation develops innovative techniques to protect software in embedded systems from emerging and evolving threats. Our engineering techniques consider modern security capabilities of embedded processors and real-time constraints of control systems which are implemented using these processors. 

Secmation’s security architects provide cybersecurity systems engineering and architecture design services early in a project lifecycle to ensure security requirements are correctly addressed.  Our development staff can implement the security designs in close collaboration with your product design teams. We can develop security documentation and test plans to support certification activities.   


Systems Security Integration and Compliance

Determining how to comply with emerging Defense, Government, and Industry adopting cybersecurity requirements can be challenging for product developers and system integrators. The Secmation team helps address these cybersecurity challenges by working directly with customers to integrate compliant solutions. 

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