Digital Engineering

The Challenge

The continued growth, interconnectivity of systems, and the complexity of software in embedded applications from the autonomous vehicles to weapons systems brings evolving areas of concern for security and system robustness. Digital Engineering allows for the rapid design, development, and deployment of new technologies at scale with cyber resilience and autonomy built in from the early stages of development.

Emerging applications in Autonomous Systems have unique security needs not typically addressed by traditional security solutions. These systems require a complex integration of computing hardware, sensors, actuators, and advanced software to function while maintaining proper security to protect sensitive or critical program information. Digital Engineering updates traditional systems engineering practices to take advantage of computational technology, modeling, analytics, and data sciences.

Secmation's Digital Engineering Solution

Secmation’s Digital Engineering solutions and technologies are leading the way in increasing the security of embedded systems and addressing cybersecurity needs in new applications to securely complete “The Last Mile” of the development cycle. Secmation’s security design techniques provide innovative means for protecting embedded systems through unique combinations of hardware and software protection mechanisms.

Secmation has developed engineering technologies working with the United States Air Force Armament Directorate at Eglin Air Force Base.  Our technologies reduce the time to develop, deploy, and maintain machine learning, artificial intelligence, complex automation, guidance/control, secure communications, and other critical software systems securely and on-time.

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