Cybersecurity Solutions for Embedded and Autonomous Systems

Secmation specializes in advanced cybersecurity technologies in Digital Engineering, Software Development, and Cybersecurity tools and services for Defense and Industrial applications.  Our technologies and products, like AutonomyLock, reduce the time to develop, deploy, and maintain machine learning, artificial intelligence, complex automation, guidance/control, secure communications, and other critical software systems securely and on-time.  Secmation's experience in autonomous systems design enables us to provide advanced cybersecurity solutions enabling rapid compliance with cybersecurity regulations and certifications.


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“Why I Like Working at Secmation”

“I like working at Secmation because the work is exciting, challenging, and meaningful which allows me to expand my knowledge base and continue to grow as an engineer. Furthermore, the people that I work with are great! The team at Secmation is stock full of talented people that are willing to set aside time to assist with problem solving or just discuss various design approaches. Finally, the ability to participate in a hybrid or fully remote work environment is phenomenal.”


“My favorite part of working at Secmation is the opportunity to be involved in cutting edge technology development. We are developing novel, scalable solutions which directly address current and future cybersecurity needs of our customers at a significantly faster speed and lower cost than traditional cybersecurity products. The pace of innovation on these development programs makes Secmation a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding place to work.”


“I love working at Secmation because there are so many different things that I get to take a part in. From recruiting to business development to HR, every day presents a new challenge. I also enjoy the fact that not every day is in the office and I can go out to events to talk to people interested about our company.”


"I like working at Secmation because of the friendly environment. Not only is the team easy to get along with, when it comes to learning, everyone that is able will do what they can to get you up to speed on the topic. "


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