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Stage Gate and Security

Lowering Security Development Risk

Many organizations use a Stage-Gate (aka Phase-Gate) process to conceive, develop, and launch new products.  The Stage-Gate Process enables Senior Management to work with an cross-functional Product Team to make decisions that lower development risk by finding and resolving issues early.

For an organization starting out in security, integrating security into their Stage-Gate process is essential.  Understanding the security needs of the customers, getting the requirements correct, executing development of security, and releasing the secure product all can be managed through Stage-Gate.  

How Secmation can Help

Secmation can guide an organization through integrating security into their State-Gate process.  As product developers, Secmation experts have been a part of Stage-Gate development from both the Product Team and Senior Management sides of Go/Kill decisions.  As a result, we understand the questions that need to be asked about security as part of the Stage-Gate process and how to perform the tasks to obtain the answers.

Secmation can provide detailed Stage task breakdowns and Gate questions to get a product started and effectively moving through the process.


Stage Gate Concepts, Implementation, and Execution Resources

Summary of Secmation Stage-Gate guidance for the first two Stage-Gate Stages

Summary of Secmation Stage-Gate guidance for the first two Stage-Gate Stages