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Security Express - Get Started with Secure Product Development Now

Secmation provides Security Express, an optimized set of product-specific training and consulting services to enable rapid security development.  

Security Express introduces Product Teams to security concepts, gives them the tools to get started, jump-starts the development process, and maps out a process to build security into their Product.

A Security Express event will:

  • Provide a common base of security knowledge for the Team focused on the Product’s security needs
  • Develop a set of driving security requirements for the Product

  • Analyze the threats the Product will see in its planned application and use this threat environment to introduce security design concepts specific to the Product

  • Identify and prioritize the top security risks for the Product

  • Introduce the Secmation Rapid Start security development process providing the best practice tools and techniques to efficiently translate the results of Security Express into Product security features

Why Security Express?

Traditional “Introduction to Security Training” costs $3-5K per person and focuses on broad security principles applicable to applications from single computers to enterprise IT.  It provides the foundation for additional training to become a security professional.  This training is not focused on your immediate need, launching a secure Product.   

By contrast, Security Express helps Teams build secure products by:

  • Training the entire Team security relevant to the Product building a common vocabulary so everyone can contribute
  • Focusing on the Product with specific event outcomes (Requirements, Threats, Risks) starting the development process 
  • Introducing the actionable Secmation Rapid Start process to continue development after the event