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Defense Services

Embedded computing systems are integral to defense systems and critical infrastructure.  Secmation provides engineering services and innovative technologies to protect these systems from advanced threats.  

Communication Security (COMSEC)

Secmation engineers have led development, manufacture, and support of advanced encryption and key management systems that achieved US Government Type-1 Security Certifications.

Transmission Security (TRANSEC)

Secmation engineers are recognized systems engineering leaders providing robustness to wireless transmissions ensuring delivery of essential strategic and tactical data. 

Unmanned Systems

Secmation engineers have led design, manufacturing, and support of unmanned systems used in defense and security applications worldwide.

Control Systems

Secmation engineers have developed advanced control solutions for defense, aerospace, and unmanned system applications.  This practical development and operational experience combined with its advanced security background gives Secmation a unique capability to secure control systems from emerging threats.

Systems Engineering

Getting the requirements and architecture correct early is essential for the success of a complex system.   The requirements must be tracked throughout the project lifecycle through test, deployment, and beyond.   The architecture must both deliver the requirements and be flexible enough to adapt to development challenges.  Secmation’s engineers have deep systems engineering experience built through successful development of complex defense systems.


Secmation provides customized cybersecurity training to help engineering and management teams efficiently meet security challenges.  Training topics include COMSEC, TRANSEC, security compliance, and secure software development methods.

Proposal/Strategy Development

Secmation provides proposal development services from proposal management to technical writing.  Secmation can help develop strategy, align technical solutions with customer needs, and deliver a compliant, winning proposal.  Our staff has successfully helped organization capture US and International defense business opportunities.