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Team Resources

Information on Security is available from many different sources from formal training to today's news. Separating out the useful information is a challenge for security professionals and beginners. This challenge is especially true for a Product Team without security experience faced with a new security requirement and a rapidly approaching launch date.  These resources are provided to help the Product Team get started quickly and effectively manage their development ensuring a successful, secure product launch.

A Perspective for Every Product Team Member

Building a secure product is a Team effort.  Each function on the team has different areas of interest and responsibility. This list of resources attempts to cut through the clutter of available security information and give each member of the Team a place to find information to get started in secure product development.

lower product development risk

Stage-Gate process is a widely adopted process used by companies to reduce product development risk.  For a company new to secure products, adding security can be a significant development schedule/budget risk.  Adding security tasks, checklists, and evaluation criteria to a Stage-Gate process can significantly improve product performance and profitability.

It is Not Just the Code That is VulNerable

Control systems are now a prime target for attackers.  Attacks on these systems can translate to real world effects in the equipment and processes they control.  Modern control system attacks can be very complex and difficult to detect.  While these attacks can used adaptations of traditional IT attacks, some target the control algorithms themselves.